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We Offer the Following Services

Access Checks

If you are unsure which size of caravan is best suited to your available space, or whether it will make it around that awkward bend or tight spot without being damaged, then we are able to visit the site, take measurements and judge accordingly, and advise on the suitability of access.

Caravan Transport

We operate both rigid and articulated vehicles. We can accommodate nearly all sizes of mobile homes, from small tourers to twin units and lodges up to 16’5″. We operate throughout the entirety of the UK and of course have an extensive knowledge of the South West. Our drivers and attendants are very experienced and will take great care of your home. All loads are insured for goods in transit.

 Abnormal Load Escort Services

In addition to the above services, we also offer abnormal load escort services throughout the South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset). All of our escort vehicles are fully equipped and have high conspicuity livery and lighting. Mayflower Transport Ltd are proud to have been one of the first companies in the South West of England with police training and approval to start the private escorting and transportation of abnormal loads.

Mobile Home Siting

As well as our larger vehicles, we also operate several 4×4’s and we are able to offer a siting (and/or de-siting) service for single or twin units. This includes placing the units on the base, levelling, blocking, securing and joining twin units. This service means we leave the home ready for you to arrange the connection of utilities.

Mayflower Caravan Transport, Devon, offers services such as Access Checks
Mayflower Caravan Transport, Devon, offers services such as Abnormal Load Escort
Mayflower Caravan Transport, Devon, offers services such as Mobile Home and Caravan Siting
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