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Transporting Caravans for Over 60 Years!

At Mayflower Transport Ltd. we have been transporting caravans for over 60 years. Our business started life in Sussex in 1963, as a development of our family's holiday lettings business, which had caravans situated in various sites, from Cornwall to Scotland.  

Initially Mayflower Transport began with a Land Rover and trailer; transporting caravans and small boats, until a HGV licence and a Bedford TK lorry was acquired. 

In the late 1970’s Mayflower Caravan Transport relocated to Devon, and continued to grow as a business from there. Currently, we operate a fleet of Scania lorries and continue to transport today’s luxurious versions of the once humble, and considerably smaller, caravan.

Click here to view our Early Days gallery and to see how it all began!

Mayflower Caravan Transport, Devon, has been transporting caravans and mobile homes for over 50 years
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